Poachers of Sand Hill
The people listed below were caught poaching at Sand Hill Lakes in 2013. All
knowingly jumped a locked gate and went right past a 4'x 4' No Fishing or
Trespassing sign. Most poached multiple days before being caught. All poachers
will be prosecuted for Felony Trespassing, Poaching and Livestock theft. These
people are stealing the fish you pay to catch, help stop them.
Information leading to a arrest will get you a day of fishing. Information leading to
a conviction will get you a 5 day pass. The source of all information will remain
confidential. Contact me on the contact page.
I need license plate numbers of
not parked inside the gate. All members have a ID and will present it if
#1 Poacher;
Charlie Brown of Red Rock no
kidding that is his name. Caught fishing the
South pond with his girl friends son who cut off
a Big fish when the Ranch Manager walked
up,what a Dick. Nice role model Charlie, he
was even told not to fish by the owner of the
Ranch that day. With friends of friends like this
who needs Enemas? Photo to come.
#2 Poacher
David Imgard of Sparks fishes
Pyramid with lots of our clients he knew what
pond to fish and tried to hide his truck just
another Dick Head. He was caught poaching
on the middle pond,this guy kept fishing like he
owned the place and tried to make up a story
like every other Dick that steels our fish. Even
talks with friends on face book some other
poachers about hitting the ponds all Dicks.